Sharing health experiences and treatments, conventional or alternative, with the goal to achieve physical, mental and environmental health using advanced technology based on science and experiences. Membership is by invitation. All training is accessed through annual membership, renewable each year. This is the platform to acquire all the medical knowledge unknown to the mainstream.   

Latest scientific technology

Discover the latest technology rooted in science to achieve comprehensive health.

Exclusive membership

A platform embedded with an abundance of communication and intensive training.

Unveiling the truth

Gain access to content not communicated to you by the conventional medical fraternity.


This platform is available to members to equip them with all the most recent and scientific content related to health. Gain access to an abundance of training material unveiling the hidden truths that conventional medicine cannot or choose not to share with you. Why is this crucial information hidden from the public? Why is new technology not endorsed and shared with the world? The Institute of Health Science will answer these and many more questions. Get ready to be introduced to a wealth of knowledge that aims to change your health...for life!

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How we do it

There are a lot of researched articles and journals that reveal an astronomical array of insightful truths regarding health and technological advancements in health. But if you don't know what to look for the chances are you won't ever become aware of these facts.

At The Institute of Health Science we have done the in-depth research for you and compiled it in a user-friendly manner to relay our findings. We encourage you to continue with your own reading and research using our extensive list of resources and references.

Our goal is to enhance your current understanding and enlighten you to evoke that thirst and hunger to explore more, make informed decisions and challenge what conventional medicine continues to communicate. We owe it to ourselves and our families to at least consider alternative statistics and continue questioning how and why.

We open the door for you, but in the end, it remains your responsibility to either enter and follow that new path, or turn around and go back to what you have always known, and done!